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"Crowdfunding isn't just about how to raise capital or just how to build a successful company; it’s about what we can learn from the funding’s 7 step system to improve everything we do. Crowdfunding is principles, patterns and models which can be applied to a wide range of business problems." - Gary Spirer.




This book reveals everything you need to know about raising money and investing in the digital age.




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Seven Step System


Solve a problem and envision a better world where your solution makes a difference.


Sketch out on a napkin or white board your idea into a well thought out strategy plan.


Understand your competitors and define clearly your unfair advantage.


Implement your idea and design based upon your discovery.


Test your prototype, do they see value and will they pay enough for you to make a profit.


Get sales ready leads who already have a desire for your product’s solution and up sells.


Deliver your product on its promise and engage by supporting and delighting your prospects.


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Everything you will learn in this book cannot be explained in a short description. You will gain 357 pages of pure knowledge. Here’s just a quick summary of what you will find inside:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – How Do You Find the Next Big Thing? ··· 1
Chapter 2 – The Value of Patterns ··· 6
Chapter 3 – Great Idea, Great Design ··· 15
Chapter 4 – Discovery ··· 32
Chapter 5 – Development ··· 60
Chapter 6 – Preparing for the Pitch ··· 90
Chapter 7 – The Pitch: Getting to Yes ··· 110
Chapter 8 – The Pitch: Laying It All Out ··· 130
Chapter 9 – Pre-Launch: Accelerating the Conversation ··· 159
Chapter 10 – Crowdfunding Donations ··· 179
Chapter 11 – The Product Launch ··· 197
Chapter 12 – How to Get the Money: Crowdfunding with Equity ··· 218
Chapter 13 – Crowdfunding: The Promise of Public Information ··· 234
Chapter 14 – Reading the Fine Print ··· 258
Chapter 15 – Private Placements ··· 281
Chapter 16 – Marketing Strategies ··· 301
Chapter 17 – Keeping the Crowd(ed) Conversation Going ··· 333


We have all heard the stories. The Ouya video game console raised $8.5 million from 63,000 backers. Musician Amanda Palmer raised $1 million dollars from 25,000 backers to fund her new album. And we know about local efforts for good causes, such as the $10,000 Salaam Garage NYC raised for a book that featured homeless teenagers who have aged out of foster care. Crowdfunding is all the rage, not least because it shows how generous people really can be.

Crowdfunding rests upon the pitch and the search for the Next Big Thing—the blockbuster hit. Crowdfunding is the new American Idol, so to speak, for early-stage companies. Entrepreneurs, creative types, and small businesses go onto portals like Kickstarter and pitch their ideas for the chance to attract millions of dollars and a fan base that creates buzz about the project.

A significant change in crowdfunding occurred on April 5, 2012, when President Barack Obama signed into law the JOBS Act. JOBS is an acronym for Jump-start Our Business Start-ups. That’s because early stage companies represent two-thirds of new job creation.

The JOBS Act has six parts, and one of them is titled “Crowdfunding.” The idea is to spread the funding of new busi­nesses beyond the old sphere of investment bankers, sophisticated rich angel investors, and venture capitalists who typically invest in early-stage companies looking for blockbuster hits. Now the crowd, or the average citizen, can invest in the same deals as the venture capitalists. Everybody has the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the next Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

How is this different from the examples I listed at the start of the book?

Chapter 2


Is wealth accumulation a matter of destiny? Will most of us just be wishful thinkers and also-runs in the game of money? More and more, a small group of experts believe that you can predict with a higher probability which companies will succeed. There is a science to wealth building. These experts describe the common traits that winning com­panies and their leaders and other stakeholders (employees, investors, suppliers, distributors, and customers) have that the less successful or the outright losers don’t.

Even so, many explanations of wealth building only describe symp­toms, not the underlying causes. You can learn some of the important elements, but the road map to wealth is often still fuzzy and elusive. What you really want to know is the complete road map to wealth— from the original concept to the cash in hand. You want to know if there is a step-by-step approach, with checklists and ways to measure your progress.


Chapter 1

How Do You Find The Next Big Thing?

Danger. Danger. Danger…Everywhere…By investing along with the crowd, the chances that you will lose all your money are greater than 50%. For most investors and entrepreneurs, that number can climb to over 90%. That’s because most investors lose money.

Why? Because most of us have no real idea why we are investing or where to invest or how to invest.

What we do know is that we follow the crowd and we are terribly afraid to lose our money. Without an idea of how to make money, we chase after the next great thing, which usually turns out to be a dud.

The dream of being a crowd fund investor should have you run­ning for the exits. If you can’t make money investing in the stock mar­ket or bonds, what chances do you have making money in high-risk early-stage companies that are no more than an idea or just a start-up?

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  • Introduction

    - We have all heard the […]
  • Chapter 2

  • Chapter 1

    - How Do You Find The […]


Do you want to get in on the ground floor of the next Google? Now entrepreneurs and investors alike can! Money-raising and financial expert Gary Spirer reveals his money-raising and investment secrets for the digital age. He provides everything you need to make intelligent and profitable investments in early-stage companies.

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Crowdfunding The Next Big Thing book is incredible – there is no doubt about it. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

"Spirer's book opened my eyes to the way you can raise money and build a business – and it’s very easy to read. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to invest in business or looking to go into business and learning to use crowdfunding or other money-raising and audience-building strategies" - Alex S.

"I really like how Gary Spirer shows you what’s common to successful pitches – what you must include and why - what investors are looking for.This is the best book I’ve read on raising money." - Lynn L.

"Spirer’s analysis of what Buffett seeks in an investment versus what a start up investor wants is truly brilliant. Without knowing what’s in Crowdfunding The Next Big Thing, you invest at your own peril." - Tim B.

"Spirer shows that marketing is really a conversation – one that you initiate and must keep going to succeed. If you want to get an unfair advantage, read this book from cover to cover!" - George K.

"Wow. I was blown a way as a sales woman by Spirer’s explanation of sales funnels, product launches and how most of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever live all had sales backgrounds." - Kaisa K.

"Spirer compares the business models of American Idol and Shark Tank in what he calls the Performance Economy.A very inspirational book chock full of stories that delight and instruct at the same time. Definitely, get this book and enjoy." - Sean H.


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Gary Spirer leveraged his MBA in finance from Columbia University to become an investor who has transacted over half a billion dollars of development and syndication. Spirer has also raised over $60 million of equity—$125 million in today’s dollars—from accredited investors and small funds for emerging growth companies. Spirer is the founder of the interactive video hosting, marketing, engagement and analytics platform DilogR, which measures viewers’ opinions, insights, and answers to surveys, polls, quizzes, and segments and responds to them in real time. He is also an author and a public speaker. Spirer ranks among the Top Ten on LinkedIn in the categories of entrepreneurship and crowd funding.

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